The MIT Washington Office

The mission of the MIT Washington Office is to maintain a constant flow of information between Washington, D.C., and the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  

Since its formation as part of the MIT President’s Office in 1991, the MIT staff in Washington have followed and supported research and development and education efforts throughout government, managing a wide portfolio of related policy issues.

Science and Policy Highlights

Work of the Future Task Force Briefs

Work of the Future Task Force

MIT's Work of the Future Task Force has released a number of research briefs covering a variety of topics on automation.

The Work of the Future: Building Better Jobs in an Age of Intelligent Machines
—David Autor, David Mindell, and Elisabeth Reynolds

The Faltering Escalator of Urban Opportunity
—David Autor

Worker Voice, Representation, and Implications for Public Policies
—Thomas A. Kochan

Autonomous Vehicles, Mobility, and Employment Policy: The Roads Ahead
—John J. Leonard, David A. Mindell, and Erik L. Stayton

The Impact of New Technology on the Healthcare Workforce
—Ari Bronsoler, Joseph Doyle, and John Van Reenan

Good Jobs
—Joshua Cohen

Robots as Symbols and Anxiety Over Work Loss
—Christine J. Walley

These and future briefs can be found on the Work of the Future's website.


Convergence cover page

Convergence Initiative

Convergence means a broad rethinking of how all scientific research can be conducted.

The Future Postponed: Innovation Deficit Report

This report and website detail why declining investment in basic research threatens a U.S. innovation deficit.

MIT Online Education Policy Initiative

The final report of Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Online Education Policy Initiative presents findings from discussions among the members of the Institute-wide initiative supported by advice from the advisory group.

MIT’s Policy Initiatives Model

This report summarizes a new model of major science policy initiatives.