Current Events in Science Policy
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July 27, 2015

Edited by Kate Stoll, Senior Policy Advisor, MIT Washington Office


The Senate Energy Committee released a bi-partisan energy bill on July 22nd. The bill is scheduled for markup this week. The broad bill contains provisions on liquefied natural gas exports, updating the electric grid, energy efficiency, and renewables. The House Energy and Commerce Committee is simultaneously pushing an energy reform package through the House. A section-by-section summary of the senate bill can be found here. (Source: The Hill)


With only a handful of days remaining before the August recess, Speaker of the House, John Boehner effectively ended the appropriations season when he acknowledged that a continuing resolution will be needed in September to keep the government open until budget negotiations can be made. The House Appropriations Chair, Harold Rogers, met with Republican appropriators to discuss their sequestration strategy. (Source: Roll Call, Roll Call)


Select science leaders including Marc Kastner, MIT Prof. and President of the Science Philanthropy Alliance, met with members of the Senate Commerce Committee to discuss basic research in the first of a series of roundtables meant to gather input for the Senate’s next version of the COMPETES bill. The last COMPETES Reauthorization was in 2010. Senators Gardner (R-CO) and Peters (D-MI) are leading the roundtables and request feedback on 5 questions regarding R&D policy. The next two roundtables will discuss STEM education research and teaching practices, and translating federal research results into commercial applications. (Sources:  Senate Commerce Committee, MIT Washington Office)

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