Current Events in Science Policy
weekly news update

December 7, 2015

Edited by Kate Stoll, Senior Policy Advisor, MIT Washington Office


Congress might miss its December 11th deadline to pass an omnibus spending bill. Debates on policy riders in the bill have slowed the process. (Source: The Hill)


At the climate negation talks in Paris, President Obama, along with 21 other nations pledged to double their investment in clean energy research over the next 5 years. Business leaders including Bill Gates complemented the pledge with a parallel commitment to support clean energy technology development from the private sector. (Sources: Washington Post, White House)


The National Academy of Sciences hosted a summit on human gene editing. Researchers, physicians, and bioethicists gathered to discuss the potential and ethics of using CRISPR technologies to alter human embryos. The summit’s organizing committee strongly endorsed the use of such technologies for basic research, but deemed the practice of using CRISPR technologies to initiate a human pregnancy “irresponsible” at this time. (Source: Science Insider)

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