Current Events in Science Policy
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April 12, 2016

Edited by Kate Stoll, Senior Policy Advisor, MIT Washington Office


The senate appropriations committee will release the subcommittee allocations (the 302(b) allocations) on April 14th. These top line budget numbers determine how much each of the 12 subcommittees can spend within their jurisdiction, and serve as a key indicator of the health of the R&D appropriations in FY17. (Source: Senate Appropriations Committee)


The Senate Health Committee advanced five more biomedical innovation bills on April 6th including one to streamline regulatory burden on NIH-funded researchers. Representative Lipinski (D-IL) has also released draft legislation to reduce regulatory burden on researchers, who are reported to spend 42% of their time on administrative duties. (Sources: Alexander Office, Lipinski Office)


The MIT Online Education Policy Initiative, an eighteen-month exploration of online and blended learning sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation, released its final report at an April 1st forum on the report at the National Academies. The report can be found here. The report can be found here.  (Source: MIT News)

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