September 2014

Science & Tech

Bound for robotic glory
New algorithm enables MIT cheetah robot to run and jump, untethered, across grass. Includes video.
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Underwater robot for port security
MIT researchers unveil football-size robot that can skim discreetly along a ship’s hull to seek hollow compartments concealing contraband.
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MIT CSAIL expert helms Google’s delivery-drone project
Autonomy expert Nick Roy led MIT-heavy team in developing “self-flying planes.”
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Physicists find a new way to push electrons around
Discovery might ultimately lead to new, more energy-efficient transistors and microchips.
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Energy & Environment

New formulation leads to improved liquid battery
Cheaper, longer-lasting materials could enable batteries developed at MIT to make wind and solar energy more competitive.
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Battling superbugs
Two new MIT technologies enable novel strategies for combating the increasing strains of drug-resistant bacteria that infect more than 2 million people nationally each year.
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Shrink-wrapping spacesuits
Spacesuits of the future may resemble a streamlined second skin.
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50 startups, five days, one bootcamp to change the world
MIT hosts a unique experiment in blended learning.
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