September 2013


The gold standard for cell penetration
Gold nanoparticles with special coatings can deliver drugs or biosensors to a cell’s interior without damaging it.
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How old memories fade away
Discovery of a gene essential for memory extinction could lead to new PTSD treatments.
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Nanoparticle vaccine offers better protection
Particles that deliver vaccines directly to mucosal surfaces could defend against many infectious diseases.
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New rechargeable flow battery enables cheaper, large-scale energy storage
Design may support widespread use of solar and wind energy.
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MIT Study: Air pollution causes 200,000 early deaths each year in the U.S.
New study finds vehicle emissions are the biggest contributor to these premature deaths.
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Teaching computers to see — by learning to see like computers
By translating images into the language spoken by object-recognition systems, then translating them back, researchers hope to explain the systems’ failures.
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In The World: Mapping the logistics of megacities
New open-source online maps generated by MIT students provide details of urban supply chains.
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Terramechanics research aims to keep Mars rovers rolling
Simulations predict safest path for rovers to travel.
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Inflatable antennae could give CubeSats greater reach
Design inflates with a powder that turns into gas.
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