March 2009

Energy Stories

A Better Way to Pinpoint Underground Oil Reserves
Picture this: An accurate map of a large underground oil reservoir that can guide engineers' efforts to coax the oil from the vast rocky subsurface into wells where it can be pumped out for storage or transport. Read more >>

This research was funded by Shell International Petroleum Company.

Life Science Stories

The Next Innovation Revolution, Op-Ed by Susan Hockfield, MIT President
The United States can anticipate comparable world-changing innovations in the 21st century if we adapt our education and research funding strategies to capitalize on new opportunities emerging at the convergence of the life sciences with the physical sciences and engineering. Read more >>

Multiple Genes Implicated in Autism
By pinpointing two genes that cause autism-like symptoms in mice, researchers at MIT's Picower Institute for Learning and Memory have shown for the first time that multiple interacting genetic risk factors may influence the severity of autistic symptoms. Read more >>

This work was funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Defense Technology

Robo-Forklift Keeps Humans out of Harm's Way
Researchers in MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory are working on a better way to handle supplies in a war zone; a semi-autonomous forklift that can be directed by people safely away from the dangers of the site. Read more >>

This project has been funded by the U.S. Army Logistics Innovation Agency.


Kauffman Foundation Study Finds MIT Alumni Companies Generate Billions for Regional Economies
A Kauffman Foundation study released demonstrates the critical role universities play not only in fostering innovation and entrepreneurial growth, but in stimulating the much-needed recovery in regional and global economies. Read more >>

The full report of the Entrepreneurial Impact can be found at: http://www.kauffman.org/mit