June 2013


Multiview 3-D photography made simple
A new technique enables the conversion of an ordinary camera into a light-field camera capable of recording high-resolution, multi-perspective images.
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Making quantum encryption practical
An MIT team that proposed a new, more-practical scheme for using quantum physics to secure data transmission has now demonstrated it experimentally.
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Printing artificial bone
MIT researchers develop method to design synthetic materials and quickly turn the design into reality using computer optimization and 3-D printing.
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Seeing the human pulse
An algorithm that can accurately gauge heart rate by measuring tiny head movements in video data could ultimately help diagnose cardiac disease.
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Making alternative fuels cheaper
MIT chemical engineers’ new synthesis could make biofuel more appealing for mass production.
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Cooking up innovation
Alumnus Scot Frank brings solar-powered cookers to the people of the Himalayan plateau, helping end their dependency on biomass fuels.
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Better droplet condensation could boost power efficiency
Improved system for power plants developed by MIT researchers uses oil-infused condenser surface to improve heat-transfer properties.
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An answer to a lunar mystery: Why is the moon’s gravity so uneven?
Simulations based on GRAIL data show how gravitational anomalies developed early i