February 2015


Quick test for Ebola
Simple paper strip developed by MIT researchers can diagnose Ebola and other fevers within 10 minutes.
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New nanogel for drug delivery
Self healing gel designed by MIT chemical engineers can be injected into the body and act as a long-term drug depot.
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Science & Tech

Inventing civilization 2.0 at MIT Media Lab
Student-run conference explores how technologies are changing how we connect and conduct business; examining the future of wearable electronics, the Internet of things, big data, and crowdsourcing.
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Software that knows the risks
Planning algorithms evaluate the probability of success for your plans, and suggest low risk alternatives, presenting possibilities for a better Siri.
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Fibers made by transforming materials
New approach could enable low-cost silicon devices in fibers that could be made into fabrics.
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A mollusk of a different stripe
Optical features embedded in marine shells may help develop responsive, transparent displays.
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