February 2014

Science & Tech

Need a water filter? Peel a tree branch
MIT group discovers xylem tissue in sapwood can filter bacteria, including e-coli, from contaminated water.
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Materials database proves its mettle with new discoveries
Project provides a systematic way of exploring the vast realm of unfamiliar materials, often critical to new technologies, yet not found in nature.
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Federally-supported innovations: 22 examples of major technology advances that stem from federal research support
ITIF has released an enhanced version of the MIT report examining successful U.S. innovations in which the development of key foundational technologies stemmed at least in part from federal investment in R & D across a wide range of fields over the past half-century.
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New weapon fights drug-resistant tumors
MIT biologists identify a drug that can help wipe out reservoirs of cancer cells in bone marrow.
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A paper diagnostic for cancer
Low-cost urine test developed by MIT engineers amplifies signals from growing tumors to detect disease.
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Energy & Environment

Warren, Clark join in restarting of Alcator C-Mod tokamak
Lawmakers join scientists in relaunching experiments at MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center.
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