December 2014

Science & Tech

Detecting gases wirelessly and cheaply

New sensor can transmit information on hazardous chemicals or food spoilage to a smartphone.
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More-flexible digital communication
New theory could yield more-reliable communication protocols.
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MIT research on a new paper diagnostic for Ebola
Institute for Medical Engineering and Science Professor Lee Gehrke discusses how a simple device now in development could speed diagnosis and improve disease tracking.
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Computer model enables design of complex DNA shapes
MIT biological engineers computer-design the most complicated 3-D structures ever made from DNA.
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Neuroscientists at MIT’s Picower Institute reveal fundamental discovery about cortical neurons
Inhibitory neuron functionality is not an immutable property of cortical cells, but a consequence of more complex network dynamics.
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Tracking what students grasp
Socrative mobile quiz app saves teachers time and offers real-time data on student comprehension of material.
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Energy & Environment

Small engine packs a punch
Startup’s rotary engine, based on novel thermodynamics, is lighter, quieter, more efficient than counterparts.
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Plasma shield
Researchers find that Earth’s “plasmaspheric hiss” protects against a harmful radiation belt.
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