December 2013


Even when test scores go up, some cognitive abilities don’t
MIT neuroscientists find even high-performing schools don’t influence their students’ abstract reasoning.
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A leap forward in X-ray technology
New system could provide detailed images — even of soft tissue — from a lightweight, portable device.
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Pills of the future: nanoparticles
Researchers design drug-carrying nanoparticles that can be taken orally instead of injected, showing increased promise for highly targeted treatments.
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Speeding up gene discovery
New gene-editing system enables large-scale studies of gene function, allowing researchers to study the entire genome at once – and more efficient models of disease and treatment.
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Unusual suspects
Computer models plus observations of RNA inside a cell help scientists home in on a short list of interesting RNA ‘machines.’
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Hidden risk in supply chains
Analysis shows no correlation between a manufacturer’s total expenditure with a supplier and the cost of a supply disruption.
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Leaner Fourier transforms
The fast Fourier transform—an algorithm widely used in audio and video engineering, data compression, medicine, and a host of other scientific applications—is getting even faster.
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