Autumn 2011


"Manufacturing a Recovery"
MIT President Susan Hockfield writes about innovation investment and the U.S. economy in an Op Ed piece in the New York Times. Read more >>


Seeing through walls
Researchers at MIT's Lincoln Lab have developed new radar technology that provides real-time video of what's going on behind solid walls (with video). Read more >>

In plane view
New tool analyzes black-box data for flight anomalies. Read more >>

Science school for judges
MIT and the Broad Institute open their doors to the judicial community for a workshop at the intersection of science and the law. Read more >>


'Artificial leaf' makes fuel from sunlight
Solar cell bonded to recently developed catalyst can harness the sun, splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. Read more >>

Research update: Improving batteries' energy storage
New method allows a dramatic boost in capacity for a given weight. Read more >>


A heart of gold
New cardiac patch uses gold nanowires to enhance electrical signaling between cells, a promising step toward better treatment for heart-attack patients. Read more >>

Computer science gives a boost to heart health
New technique searches for subtle indicators of risk hidden in a patient's EKG. Read more >>


Helping space shuttle achieve liftoff
MIT contributed 27 alumni-astronauts to the program, plus plenty of earthbound expertise. Read more >>