August 2015


Real-time data for cancer therapy
Biochemical sensor developed at MIT, implanted at initial biopsy could allow doctors to better monitor and adjust cancer treatments.
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A cheaper, high-performance prosthetic knee
Researchers design cheap prosthetic knee that mimics normal walking motion.
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New material opens possibilities for super-long-acting pills
A pH-responsive polymer gel could create swallowable devices, including capsules for ultra-long drug delivery.
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How chronic inflammation can lead to cancer
MIT researchers discover how the immune system can create cancerous DNA mutations when fighting off infection.
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A metabolic master switch underlying human obesity
Researchers find pathway that controls metabolism by prompting fat cells to store or burn fat.
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Energy & Environment

A small, modular, efficient fusion plant
New design could finally help to bring the long-sought power source closer to reality.
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‘Yolks’ and ‘shells’ improve rechargeable batteries
Aluminum could give a big boost to capacity and power of lithium-ion batteries.
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Science & Tech

Making the new silicon
Gallium nitride electronics could drastically cut energy usage in data centers, consumer devices.
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How to look for a few good catalysts
New research shows non-wetting surfaces promote chemical reaction rates.
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