August 2014

Energy & Environment

Recycling old batteries into solar cells
A system proposed at MIT recycles materials from discarded car batteries — a potential source of lead pollution — into new, long-lasting solar panels that provide emissions-free power.
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Separating finely mixed oil and water Membrane developed by MIT researchers can separate even highly mixed fine oil-spill residues.
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Engineering new bone growth
Chemical engineers at MIT have devised new, implantable tissue scaffolds that help the body grow new bone to repair injuries or congenital defects.
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A new way to model cancer
New gene-editing technique allows scientists to more rapidly study the role of mutations in tumor development.
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Science & Tech

Our connection to content
Using neuroscience tools, MIT Media Lab spinout Innerscope Research explores the connections between consumers and media.
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Visual control of big data

Data-visualization tool released by MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) identifies sources of aberrant results and recomputes visualizations without them.
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