April 2011


Turning Windows into Powerplants
New technology from MIT could enable a building's windows to generate power, without blocking the view. Read more >>

The Big Picture on Energy Loss
MIT system of scanning groups of buildings--or even entire cities--gives comprehensive view of energy inefficiency across large areas. Read more >>

Solar Power Goes Viral
MIT researchers use genetically modified virus to produce structures that improves solar-cell efficiency by nearly one-third. Read more >>

Department of Energy Launches Startup-Friendly Program
Energy Secy Chu Announces 'Next Top Energy Innovator' program at MIT. Read more >>


Implantable Sensor Tracks Cancer in the Body
Innovative tool in the battle against cancer can track tumor growth without repeated invasive procedures. Read more >>

Catching Cancer With Carbon Nanotubes
New device to test blood can spot cancer cells, HIV on the fly. Read more >>

Science & Technology Putting Technology on the Map
Next Century Convocation celebrates the history, achievements and people of MIT's first century and a half. Read more >>